Aug 11, 2014

Favorite fashion brand?

I got this question on and decided to write this short post.

Well Well, I have few fave fashion brands, but I always check how DOES IT LOOK not what fashion brand it is.

I remember during high school period my schoolmate laughed at me that I don't wear brand things (Adidas etc.) while I was fully in Fishbone clothes because I simply liked it. I laughed back with "I don't care if it's brand, I care how does it look and if I like it, dear." Which is true till today.

If you throw Rick Owens and non-brand thing at me and I will like design of the non-brand clothes better I will pick up that piece over Rick O. Indeed.

Brands and designers I really like and I do not own anything, but I REALLY WISH to, are for example:
Sex Pot Revenge
Rick Owens
Louis Vuiton
Karl Lagerfeld

...and many others...
(now I am trying to say I am not brand guy? haha)

I own some brand things but some of them are not famous tho so I can say only BOY LONDON.

Also I really wish to own something Umi (Vistlip) designed. I wish I could get the overal but it's sold out already for a long time.

Also I stick to parfumes and so for many times I picked up parfume over clothes :D Also I think french style of clothing is cool - to own 3-5 good brand things and that's it. When I have some solid job (pls...) I think I will build it somehow like that.

And some samples of clothes I like (from fashion brands/designers above)
I don't own any of these pictures below.



Sex Pot



Rick Owens

I REBLOG MY FAVE fashion pics (styles, clothes..) HERE


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