Aug 28, 2014

So Goth

I've never labeled myself as goth even if I loved the fashion. But Gothic is not only about fashion. I was not rly interested in goth music and ideology as whole back then. However, I grew up and changed my black&white view on world to black only (haha - that's funny story when my teacher on high school always gave me A from writing reflection essays but she told me she really doesn't agree with my black&white opinions and that I should change! Oh my, have you ever seen teenager changing sharp opinions just cuz of teacher? Also I don't think I was wrong. Only too honest. I am just like that till today. But I grew up a bit.)

Well, I still love gothic fashion. I also am closer to the ideology and I am in cyber goth music and horror music. So I hope if you see my #goth tags on IG you won't judge me as poser. I don't rly feel like to label me at all. But for hashtags let's not be so stiff, hm?

I love darkart since I was pretty young kid. Creepy things and horror. I am zombie and I love vampyres. I am still not interested in goth subculture as community and original goth music itself. Cuz as u know I listen to asian music mostly I rly have no real intentions to check more about "classical" gothic music which mostly bores me (I am bitch if it comes to vocals, seriously). 

I could simply "tag" myself as V-kei/Visual Kei. But is that true? As horror kid I have the right, screw it!


As everyone knows (or not, that's why I write this) I hate labeling and tagging. Put labels and close yourslef to a "box", that's not my style. I am freeminded and tolerant person. So that's why I use these "tags" only for other freaks to find me mabye :) As I live most of my time online I just have to survive somehow with these.

That's why I appreciate therms like nu-goth and neogoth.

I also started to call myself "neokei". I am revolutionary kid.

So call me poser if you please, I also call lot of people posers. Haters and communities masters, some vegetarians and saint fuckers who only know how to judge others but their karma is pretty fucked up in fact.
I don't judge anyone for his style or opinions. That's it.

Thanks for reading and see ya next time, bats.

Aug 18, 2014

Shironuri Oshare Kei

Just some oshare kei faceup again.
I already had winter, autumn and spring look and I needed something fitting to summer. I don't know if it fits after all but the missing "summer" piece will be probably this. I can't do summer better. I am not fan of it, haha.

And there is video how I've put the makeup on...

Cute update

I do not shopping lately because no money no fun. And I focus more on other things.

But I found this super awesome bag in store with handmade things! And couldn't resist. My mom helped me out. Yay, happy. Clock obsession lvl 200!

And some new nail effects (just the ball ones, the glitters I bought in London back then) and I don't usually use them for nails anyways, lol.

And I recieved some bananas! Big plushies and little cute phone strap banana from dear Dee. Excellent for cuddle. All of them :D

Aug 11, 2014

Favorite fashion brand?

I got this question on and decided to write this short post.

Well Well, I have few fave fashion brands, but I always check how DOES IT LOOK not what fashion brand it is.

I remember during high school period my schoolmate laughed at me that I don't wear brand things (Adidas etc.) while I was fully in Fishbone clothes because I simply liked it. I laughed back with "I don't care if it's brand, I care how does it look and if I like it, dear." Which is true till today.

If you throw Rick Owens and non-brand thing at me and I will like design of the non-brand clothes better I will pick up that piece over Rick O. Indeed.

Brands and designers I really like and I do not own anything, but I REALLY WISH to, are for example:
Sex Pot Revenge
Rick Owens
Louis Vuiton
Karl Lagerfeld

...and many others...
(now I am trying to say I am not brand guy? haha)

I own some brand things but some of them are not famous tho so I can say only BOY LONDON.

Also I really wish to own something Umi (Vistlip) designed. I wish I could get the overal but it's sold out already for a long time.

Also I stick to parfumes and so for many times I picked up parfume over clothes :D Also I think french style of clothing is cool - to own 3-5 good brand things and that's it. When I have some solid job (pls...) I think I will build it somehow like that.

And some samples of clothes I like (from fashion brands/designers above)
I don't own any of these pictures below.



Sex Pot



Rick Owens

I REBLOG MY FAVE fashion pics (styles, clothes..) HERE