Jun 29, 2014

BOY LONDON - We are all nazi here!

Some time ago I recieved this message:

"By the way, what's the deal with Boy London? o: I've read some arguments here on tumblr which regarded the brand and its symbol "facist" - Is that true?"

I still need to say this loud:

Honestly? I wouldn’t bring this shit to FASHION world every time just because “I wanna make big noise about nothing” ok? People have no idea what the fuck swastika is… and a lots of things in fashion have no meaning (bad meaning).

BOY LONDON is originaly PUNK inspired, punk rebelious brand. And UNDERGROUND.

In fact not many people knows nothing about swastika and in the other hand nothing about Nazi Eagle, ok? Honestly, were punks interested in nazi symbols? Try to guess… (more brands was using similar symbols to nazi ones…).
Nazi, fascist and other symbolism in fashion are not new things.

Try to think about the cross nazi used - crooked cross. Do you know the crooked cross itself is not about evil and symbolise nothing bad? It is ancient thing originaly from Hinduism.

The symbols are not responsible for what Nazi did, ok?

Also people who use or wear things other judge as “nazi” are not the one who should be blamed. I think if someone think about it as nazi thing he still can see only evil things in the world and can do nothing just spread the evil energy.

Some people use symbols in bad way, ok? I know that. But please do not look at fashion and think “omg, so Nazi…”. Just don’t.

I can only guess but on my opinion it has nothing to do with nazi.

Eagle is just eagle.

For more if you will check, BOY say for example “Classic Boy Eagle design on black T-shirt” about the product.
Does “Classic Boy Eagle” sounds like Nazi?

We are soooo Nazi, right?!

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