Dec 16, 2013

Merry X-mass (by Sebastian Michaelis)


Yeah it is early wish but I am not sure I will be able to do it later so...

Merry Christmas ^^

I will try to wish Happy New Year later if I have some time.

Well for this year I didn't think I will be able to make something like PF.. but in the end I promised to cosplay Sebastian.
So at least I got few pictures.

By the way I again have to say these red lenses are the best
It is I Fairy Ruby Red and I strongly recommend to get them!

You can read review here.

Dec 9, 2013

Nails: Christmas Gold

After very long time I finally got my nails ready, haha.


Essence - Breaking Dawn (Twilight series)
Top coat with golden glittres


Dec 6, 2013

BB cream - Nivea, Miss Sporty, Skin79 - review

I decided to give it a try and I bought two BB creams which are not from Korea.
Now I wanna share my experience.

Ok let's start with...

Miss Sporty - I got Morning Baby! Multi-action Skin Perfecting Make Up
-skin feels moisturizing
-erases skin imperfections
-smoothes your skin
-helps protects from damages
-gives a luminous and natural complexion

U can use it as base before your foundation or alone for natural look. It has also the shiny effect.
Compared to other BB creams and also compared to how should BB cream looks this is not something I would call BB cream, honestly.
It is too liquid, doesn't smoothes your skin as other BB creams do and the effect of erasing imperfections is minimal.


Price: low (thumbs up)
Overall: As it's called BB cream I can't put more than ★ and half


It says 5 in 1 (the same as MS)
It contains minerals, provitamin B5 and light makeup

As my skin is pretty light I bought light tone ofc.
I don't know how the dark tone looks like. But I have to warn you if you have really pale skin - this light version is still too dark...

Consistency is great and it smells as typical Nivea cream which is great.


Price: not so low but ok for BB cream

SKIN79 - Lovely girl

Is my favourite BB cream. Not only because it is korean BB cream! But it has what it takes!
It says: It has special skin care properties which is soothing, radness, irritated skin even coverage.
Extracts of Mulbery root and Calendula moisturize rough skin that was affected by harmful enviroments, and Herb Complex and Chlorella Extract contined BB Cream naturally coveres up the blemishes and make skin healthy and vital.

The color is great for pale skin. Promised efects as smoothing and healthy and vital skin is true.
Consistency is something between Nivea and MS but more like Nivea which is great.
This BB cream Lovely girl I got has no glitters (thanks gosh).

Strongly recommended.


Price: price is relevant and depends on where you buy it :) (be careful of fakes)

Here are some reference pics:

Miss Sporty - Nivea - SKIN79


beautifying moisturiser that lets you achieve a flawless-looking complexion in an instant. Its unique formula evens skin tone, covers imperfections, illuminates complexion, moisturises, and protects the skin from premature ageing. This quick absorbing cream is also enhanced with minerals, provitamin B5, SPF 10 and a hint of colour.

Dec 3, 2013

Treating: Hair (Lemon+Honey)


Well today I decided my hair need some refreshment.
Sorry my Eng today. It's really rotten today haha.

You can use this lemon juice + honey mask for lightening your hair. I use it just like a mask for my hair (instead of chemical ones).

Lemon juice (fresh)
Conditioner if needed (oh this chemicals...)

Make everything together in bowl and use the pretty thing on your hair :3
Leave it for 1 or two hours.

If you will use it regularly it will lighten your hair naturaly without bleaching.