Jun 11, 2015

Green Werewolf Contacts review

Lost review of Green Werewolf Contacts from e-circlelens !!

 Lost the review because of the problems with custom service in my country and lack of time after I finally got them.

Made in:  Korea
Code :  INCGR37
Manufacturer :  INNO Vision

Color & Design: 4 / 5 
The color is rly great! The only problem is if the lense move a bit you won't see clearly because the color is not transparent. So these are serously not the best for daily wearing. 
The desing is really eye-catching, everyone will notice you!

With and without...
(my natural color is brown, yes)

Enlargement:  4 / 5
14.2 is just okay for this kind of lenses

Comfort: 3 / 5
As I mentioned since the color is really intense and full it's not comfortable to wear them for a long time. But you can make it through whole party, no worries!
To wear them for hours might be annoying but for parties and photos they are perfect!
Water content is 43% which is great, eyes won't hurt at all.

Overall: 4 / 5
These are 3 months lenses and you won't probably wear them every day. They are just good for ocasions and cosplays. It was rly good choice since I needed them to cosplay vampires :) And I used them also for the demonic Halloween look, Karma and Kili cosplay.

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