Sep 30, 2015

Lizzy Brown Contacts [Silicone Hydrogel]

Got these babes from ❤ e-circlelens ❤
Their service is the best and staff very friendly. Always recommended ❤

My second lenses with dioptries are Lizzy Brown Contacts - Silicone Hydrogel with UV block.

Made in Korea.
DIA 14.2
Base Curve 8.7

They are actually not that big, the colored part is smaller than 14.2 so if you are looking for bigger eyes this is not it. Anyways if you are looking for comfortable contacts to wear every day these are the right option!

Color & Design 3/5
Actually it's 5/5 because on daily bases these are the best to wear and none would even tell. Because my eyes are almost the same color, it's not noticable at all. I mabye hoped the contrast would be higher but it's always hard to say how the actual color on picture will match with your eyes.

Enlargement 4/5
I hoped the diameter might be a bit bigger than actual color print but in the end I got these to wear them often so it's just okaaay.

Comfort: 5 / 5
I must say the silicone hydrogel lenses are just WOW. Very comfortable and you can wear them for hours without even thinking about it.

Overall: 4 / 5
I like more contrasting lenses and since my eyes are almost the same color I would probably pick some other color next time. But I got these with dioptries so I can wear them often without need of my glasses so yay! None can even tell I have them and still the look is a bit "deeper". 


  1. Thanks for your honest review♡ Can I share your photos with our customers? Because the lenses are so great on you!! =]

    1. Hiromiii! I am glad I was able to try them thanks to you :) whenever I make review on your products feel free to use my photos. Thank you <3


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