Sep 10, 2013


As I can remember I first met an elf in one book while I was about 4 or 5 years old. I remember my mom have been reading this book to me for thousand times and when I was able to read myself properly I have read it for another thousand times.

I don't know the original title... it was about little bunny who lived with his family and he was lil bit rebelious. There was a part he was bored by school trip and he somehow get lost and met the elf.

It was not the elf like in LOTR you know... it was little "evil" elf :D Well not so evil but... yeah and I loved this creature.

Later, while I was 14, I have read LOTR and all the elfs here... Omg I remember my nickname when I first got online was Gardiel (corruption of Galadriel) and another one Aragwen (corruption of Arwen and Aragorn XD). I was 16-17 years old and I used these two for 3 years I guess.

Every author and every artist see the elfs a little bit different. I remember also Dick saw them different from Tolkien etc. You would find a lots of examples in litterature (and in movie later).

I respect every kind of elf because there is always something about them what is needed to be loved.
As example - everyone loves Tolkien's elfs, ne? They are beautiful, smart and good fighters. I  also like Dick's elfs... small and loyal. And I love the one from my childhood... the elfish troll.

Well... that was about me and elfs and more is coming... because... I just work on something ;)

See ya~

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