Sep 2, 2013

Tongue Piercing - experience

Hey there, after some time I decided to write my experience about tongue piercing since some ppl was asking about healing process and so...

First of all go to piercing studio. Don't try this at home. Do I sound like your mama now? Good.

I got mine at this beautiful place

I have visited few places to check how does it look with tattoo/piercing studios in Camden and this was the most cool (clean with good people) I found. I talked to my piercer first and then came back there after my decision.

My piercer is Sowe, awesome person who I want to make me tongue split. (Included in story below).

Okay so studio - solved, piercer - solved, some papers to sign - solved... Now let's pierce me.

I remember when Sowe showed me how to put my tongue up I noticed his split. "OMFG YOU HAVE SPLIT!!!" ..yeah my reaction. You guys know how much I want split, right?! His mate was like "hahaha, yeah, he makes it, he can make it for you" ... me: "aůlkjefiejfo" !!!
So after piercing was done, Sowe showed me his portfolio with body modifications and I must say he is real master. While I am getting split I wanna get it from him!

Now back to the tongue thing.

Don't worry. It doesn't hurt. At all. For few first hours :D

You will have problem to eat properly for few days.

Remember ice is your best friend. Let it melt in your mouth. It will be pleasure.
I won't tell you not to eat "hard" things. You will see it's not possible.

I have eaten mashed pottatoes and soups for whole week. Mabye 10 days.

The barbell you will get while you are pierced is fuckin long and you have to be careful with your teeth. Trust me, no fun.
It is not wanted to be changed for next 4 weeks!

Actualy I changed mine after 7 days cuz it was pain in my ass. It was iritating my teeth and tongue and whole mouth so I changed to shorter bar ASAP.

Remember it is not wanted! Healing last longer than these 7-10 days. The healing process outside is 4 weeks and another 5 months inside!
Still - it was better for me to change. If you are unsure go to see your piercer he will change it for you if neccessary.

And about hygiene! Don't forget to wash your mouth with Listerine ZERO after every meal and also after everything but water. Use Listerine ZERO cuz it's alcohol free and it doesn't destroy healing process. OR you can always use salt water. Use SEA salt.

Okay, I think I have said everything...

After I changed to shorter barbell it was quicker for me to heal. 
5 days pain
2 days searching for shorter barbell
3 days common healing
another 4 days feeling uncomfortable
next 14 days can't speek properly, sometimes uncomfortable (my native language there are letters like ř and č and I am not able to say it properly :D )

Let's say it took me about one month to get use to it.

If you catch cold any soon after you have been pierced do not forget to clean your mouth properly with listerine, teetbrush and paste, salt water... from my own experience, you should make this properly. I dunno but you can get infection if you won't.

If it comes to swelling I can't say much. My piercer told me not to change the bar cuz the swelling can get back but my tongue was swallen just first day after getting the piercing and then not anymore so... It's up to your body I guess.

This is my day one right after the pierce (about one hour):

Something like 3 days:

Changed barbell:

Okay, that's it.

If you have any questions, just ask ;)

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