Dec 19, 2012

Cheap books, yeah!

Do you know the stores with cheap books?
Well just today I bought something as Christmas presents + 2 very cheap books for me.
Koji Suzuki - Spiral
and manwha - Kill me, Kiss me - it was really very cheap and I bought it just because there were two pretty boys on top :D ..ehm.
I have already read the Spiral before so it was just because I like japanese horror.
About the manwha I was sure it won't be really intelectual and it will bi lil bit stupid. But surprisingly it was not so bad! Not at all! It was funny and the drawing style is pretty good.

Well that's all for today.. Mabye I will buy another volume of Kill me, Kiss me tmrw :D not sure...but....

Oh, I really like Ga Woon-nim, kkk....

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