Sep 30, 2015

Lizzy Brown Contacts [Silicone Hydrogel]

Got these babes from ❤ e-circlelens ❤
Their service is the best and staff very friendly. Always recommended ❤

Aug 11, 2015

Tea Time

Clothing dyeing with natural ingredients? Yes.
Firstly I thought about coffee but in the end I liked the tea brown better so I used black tea.

Two shirts and tights got soaked in strong tea.

Here is the result.

I am definitely going to do moooore (and try coffee). I used to dye with different berries and leaves and other things you can find in woods... long time ago. Natural dyeing is the best <3

It's always tea time :)

Oct 4, 2014

new VLOG and some more oshare

My ask was spammed with 56 questions and so I made the video. And also I closed the cuz it has no meaning anymore.
I am sorta dead soul online lately.

100% zombie.